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    This 20-year-old has ‘broken barriers.’ But now, she needs a chance: Dennis McCarthy

    “I think you just have to close your eyes and not look at her physically, but look at her mind, and what she’s already accomplished.” Dr. Debra Don - ear, nose, and throat specialist at Children’s Hospital Los AngelesHer mind is dean’s list-sharp and her future boundless if only we give Connie Morales a chance. That’s all she’s asking for. No special favors, no pulling strings. Just a chance.God knows she deserves it.

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    Raiders dumped LA, but loyal local fans still up for drive to team’s new Vegas home: Dennis McCarthy

    “They’re talking about 20,000 people coming into town on weekends to see the Raiders play. I think they’re getting more interest from out of town than in town.” — Michael Gaughan, owner of the South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.Sports columnist Vinny Bonsignore had a great piece in last Sunday’s paper about the Raiders’...

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    ‘Buddy’ program for Valley kids, elderly gets new life after ‘heartwarming’ support: Dennis McCarthy

    You never know how people are going to react to a column. Will they read a few paragraphs and turn the page or will they stay with you until the end?To all of you who stayed until the end of the column a few weeks ago on teacher Angela Bronson’s buddy program coming to a close after 21 years because she lost the $4,000 annual funding to rent a school bus once a month for her third-grade students to visit residents in the Jewish Home for the Aging — their buddies —...

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    In the Trump era, political bumper stickers say something about our rage: Dennis McCarthy

    “Bumper stickers are a simple way for people to literally take their voices to the street without actually speaking.” — Jack Bowen, author of “If You Can Read This — the Philosophy of Bumper Stickers.”The guy riding my tail on the Ventura Freeway last week was taking his voice to the street loud and clear when he leaned on his car horn and let me have it. I’d have moved over into the right lane, but I was already...

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    A longtime Valley ‘buddy’ program that paired elderly with children is no more : Dennis McCarthy

    Once a month for the last 21 years, Angela Bronson has taken her fourth-grade class at Balboa Magnet School on a field trip back in time to the Jewish Home for the Aging in Reseda.The kids and the elderly residents mingle and get to know each other, then they pair up with a “buddy” they like, and the kids interview them for a short story they will write on their buddy’s life. At the end of the school year, they give them the book.There’s a...

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    Norman Rockwell collection is more than just Americana for this couple: Dennis McCarthy

    There’s a touching story behind the $25,000 check Wynne and Rosemary Ritch gave to the neuromuscular center at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles this week.A story that begins in 1974 at the Schiff Scouting Reservation in New Jersey where Wynne was taking part in the Boy Scouts of America executive training program. He’d go on to spend 33 years as an executive with BSA.He was hired fresh out of college after serving two tours of duty with the Marine Corp. in...

  • Heart transplants

    Some heart transplant patients struggle with post-op housing, but this jazz dancer wants to help: Dennis McCarthy

    “When I told him what I was doing, his first comment to me was ‘I thought you had to be rich to get a heart transplant.’” — Ava Kaufman, founder of Ava’s Heart.She’s a 67-year-old former professional jazz dancer with the heart of a young mother beating inside her. Ava Kaufman is her name, and she’s doing well for herself financially these days, which is important to mention up front.Not as well as she was...

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    School crossing guards deserve special award in car crazy LA: Dennis McCarthy

    “Slow down…think of them as your own kids.” – Lt. Carl Jones, senior traffic supervisor for the LA city Department of Transportation.You’ve seen it, we all have. Cars blowing through 25-mph school zones in the morning doing 50. VIP motorists who think “slow down” signs don’t apply to them. They’re special.No, they’re not. They’re just stupid and dangerous.That’s why the 430...

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    Dad’s 90th brings memories of Archie and Meathead into the Trump era: Dennis McCarthy

    I ask my father what he wants for his 90th birthday tomorrow and he tells me nothing. He’s got enough stuff.You’ve got to get something, I say. Turning 90’s still a big deal. Less than five percent of Americans who reach 65 make it to 90, and three out of four of them are women.You’re a rare bird. So, what do you want, because I’m buying you something.He gets that “oh, yeah?” stubborn look in his eyes I saw so many nights...